About Us

About Belyanza

Belyanza is a hijab Brand bases in Bandung, Indonesia. Established on 17 May 2012, formed by Nita Beliani Burhan. Belyanza offers an unique casual style with a touch of edgy androgyny in every each product. We adjust an asymetrical with geometric touch to reveal the silhouettes of the edge.
In 2013, our brand expanded the product to made a bag collection that complete a woman look. In 2016, we expanded oure product from outfit only to a scarfs, the purpose is to fulfill overall Hijab Look. Not only in a Hijab ‘things’, now we also expand to create something that fit up the whole look, such as pouches and brooches.
We consider every single products are made perfect in size and versatiles in function. In terms of material, priority is to make customers comfortable and weareable in using our products.

Belyanza – CEO of Belyanza

Belyanza "Breastfeeding Friendly"

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